DEMO:Listen: GOD

February 24, 2017 Justin Norton

Get right with GOD in this week’s Demo: Listen. 

DEMO:LITION: Humanity Defiled, Dawn of a Dark Age, Nonsun

January 22, 2016 Daniel Lake

Every week, Decibel will premiere new material by bands of a heavy nature.  There’s no boundaries here, either.  Death, black, doom, sludge, progressive, stoner, retro, whatever!  It’s all fair game.  What’s this section called?  DEMO:LITION, naturally.  This week we take a look at three deserving European devastators: Belgium’s Humanity Defiled, Italy’s Dawn of a Dark Age and the Ukraine’s Nonsun.

DEMO:LISTEN: Anasarca “Survival Mode”

January 8, 2016 Chris Dick

Every week, Decibel will premiere a new demo by a band of heavy nature. There’s no boundaries here, either. Death, black, doom, sludge, progressive, stoner, retro, whatever! It’s all fair game. What’s this new section on the esteemed Deciblog called? DEMO:LITION, naturally.

This week we have Germany’s Anasarca on the DEMO:LITION chopping block.