black tusk

Track Premiere: Black Tusk – “Breath of Life”

April 8, 2024

Check out Black Tusk‘s pounding new single, “Breath of Life,” from their upcoming seventh album, The Way Forward.

Hard Times: Black Tusk Knows What It Means to Be “Born of Strife”

December 14, 2015

From the ashes of tragedy, exceptional new music from the Savannah sludge kings.

INTERVIEW: Fight Amp’s Mike McGinnis

October 21, 2013

Even though they are just off the red-eye after spending 30 days playing 30 shows across Europe with Black Tusk, there is plenty juice left in Fight Amp. New Jersey/Philly’s undisputed heavyweight noise rock/HC/punk/sludge/OTHER champs have one show left on the calendar, but Mike McGinnis just wants to keep on going. The Deciblog caught up…