Q&A: Jari Lindholm & Alejandro Lotero (Exgenesis) Play With Fire

June 29, 2020

Decibel talks origins and fire with Exgenesis duo Jari Lindholm and Alejandro Lotero. New album, Solve et Coagula, out now!

The Security of Longevity: Mikael Stanne and Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity) Talk Atoma

December 5, 2016

Decibel synch up with Dark Tranquillity vocalist Mike Stanne and guitarist Nik Sundin to discuss Atoma and the events that allowed it to be the great album it is.

Jari Lindholm (Enshine) interviewed

June 12, 2013

Enshine and AtomA share similar traits. High concept atmospheric metal. Lots of instrumental passages. A space-like art direction. In your view, how do they differ, seeing as though both bands were once upon a time part of Slumber?Jari Lindholm: Although all the bands mentioned share the basic set of instruments and ingredients for the most…

Ehsan Kalantarpour (AtomA) interviewed

September 12, 2012

So, what happened with Slumber? I know there were record label complications, but I didn’t know there were member issues.Ehsan Kalantarpour: After the first and only album Fallout Slumber got locked in a doom/death style. We felt that the album set way too strict formula on what we could do next. We wanted something much…