Hall of Fame

The Decibel Hall of Fame provides the definitive stories behind the making of extreme music’s most important albums. Each month the seven-page stories (upwards of 5,000 words) include interviews with every musician who performed on the inducted record.

The Accüsed

More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral!

dB HoF No. 173

Label: Combat

Release date: May 5, 1987

Michael Schenker Group

Assault Attack

dB HoF No. 172

Label: Chrysalis

Release date: October 1982


Emperor/Hordanes Land

dB HoF No. 171

Label: Candlelight

Release date: June 1993


Symphonies of Sickness

dB HoF No. 170

Label: Earache

Release date: November 4, 1989


Casus Luciferi

dB HoF No. 169

Label: Drakkar Productions

Release date: November 2003


The Rack

dB HoF No. 168

Label: Century Media

Release date: April 13, 1991


The New Order

dB HoF No. 167

Label: Megaforce / Atlantic

Release date: May 5, 1988

Ripping Corpse

Dreaming with the Dead

dB HoF No. 166

Label: Kraze

Release date: June 1, 1991


Never Turn Your Back on a Friend

dB HoF No. 165

Label: MCA

Release date: June 1973


From Mars to Sirius

dB HoF No. 164

Label: Listenable

Release date: September 27, 2005


Slaughter in the Vatican

dB HoF No. 163

Label: R/C

Release date: October 23, 1990

Judas Priest

Stained Class

dB HoF No. 162

Label: CBS

Release date: February 10, 1978


Come to Grief

dB HoF No. 161

Label: Century Media

Release date: November 1, 1994


Below the Lights

dB HoF No. 160

Label: Osmose

Release date: April 14, 2003

Paradise Lost


dB HoF No. 159

Label: Music for Nations

Release date: September 23, 1993


Pleasure to Kill

dB HoF No. 158

Label: Noise

Release date: November 1, 1986

Monster Magnet

Spine of God

dB HoF No. 157

Label: Caroline

Release date: 1992

Dream Death

Journey Into Mystery

dB HoF No. 156

Label: New Renaissance

Release date: October 16, 1987


Moving Waves

dB HoF No. 155

Label: Imperial

Release date: October 1971


Beg to Differ

dB HoF No. 154

Label: Epic

Release date: March 1990

Nuclear Assault

Game Over

dB HoF No. 153

Label: Under One Flag

Release date: October 1986


Filth Hounds of Hades

dB HoF No. 152

Label: Kamaflage

Release date: March 1982


Odd Fellows Rest

dB HoF No. 151

Label: Mayhem

Release date: July 6, 1998


Ultramega OK

dB HoF No. 150

Label: SST

Release date: October 31, 1988

Cannibal Corpse

The Bleeding

dB HoF No. 149

Label: Metal Blade

Release date: April 12, 1994

Today is the Day

Temple of the Morning Star

dB HoF No. 148

Label: Relapse

Release date: September 23, 1997

Dimmu Borgir

Death Cult Armageddon

dB HoF No. 147

Label: Nuclear Blast

Release date: September 8, 2003


Wheels of Steel

dB HoF No. 146

Label: Carrere

Release date: May 5, 1980


Apocalyptic Raids

dB HoF No. 145

Label: Noise Records

Release date: March 7, 1984



dB HoF No. 144

Label: Earache

Release date: November 12, 1991