EP Premiere: Diploid – ‘MANTRA’

Australian grind/noise force Diploid are one of hardest working and most prolific bands on that massive continent. The Naarm-based act are set to return with their 20th(!) release in the form the face-melting new EP, MANTRA.

“We feel it is important to acknowledge that at the time of this release, there is a genocide taking place in Palestine by the ethnostate of Israel,” says the band. “Devastating that the world seems to keep turning while Palestinian children are being murdered in their homes, women are being raped at gunpoint, and men are being tortured to death and buried in mass graves. Shame on Israel. Shame on Israel. Shame on Israel.”

In just 10 minutes, Diploid evoke hints of every extreme music luminary from Assück, Orchid and Weakling to the Body and Converge. MANTRA is steaming below in full courtesy of Nijmegen-based Rope or Guillotine Records. who release the album today on a one-sided 12-inch black vinyl and Life.Lair.Regret on cassette.