Track Premiere: Generation of Vipers – ‘Lux Inversion’

10 years is a long time between albums but Generation of Vipers made the most of it, sharpening their claws to craft Guilt Shrine, their first album since 2014’s Coffin Wisdom. It’s a heavy, brooding album that picks up where Generation of Vipers left off, melding a progressive brand of sludge with Fugazi-esque post-hardcore. You’ll be able to hear Guilt Shrine when it drops on August 23 via Translation Loss but the first taste—first singe “Lux Inversion”—is streaming below.

“’Lux Inversion’ is a song about isolating yourself from the outside world as a survival tactic to avoid feeling the pain of rejection,” explains guitarist/vocalist Josh Holt. “I am essentially having a conversation with these two conflicting sides of myself saying ‘I don’t like that I isolate myself in these ways, but the idea of letting other people get close is so painful that it results in this constant feeling of frustration and disappointment, which further perpetuates that disconnect from the outside world.’ It’s a catch-22 of sorts and something I’m battling with often. How do I feel like my voice is heard without giving away too much of myself? It very directly addresses the critical voice inside us that fuels these feelings of self-doubt.”

Despite being just a trio, Generation of Vipers bring both the groove and the heaviness on “Lux Inversion.” Holt’s riffs are strong, while the rhythm section of drummer Billy Graves and bassist Travis Kammeyer gives the song a more lively feel. Guilt Shrine was recorded and mixed by Kurt Ballou and mastered by Brad Boatright, which adds another layer of sonic heaviness to the mix.

Check the new track out below; pre-orders are available here.