Blast Worship: Dahmer Duck

Where they from?
Halen, Belgium. Holy shit, how about those Oilers? They gave it a ride in the Stanley Cup final against Edmonton and fought their way back from being down 3-0 to tie the series tied at three games a piece. But nothing good happens in Florida, so they, of course fell last night by one goal. 

Why the hype?
Let me just say that I was um, rather resistant to write about a band called Dahmer Duck. I think the whole grindcore fixation on serial killers, especially Dahmer, is really played out at this point and the group’s utilization of Donald Duck-esque vocals would be enough to send lesser metal journalists packing. But there is some good grin to be had here! Just because the window dressing is goofy does not mean the actual product is. Think traditional Swedish grindcore but with a healthy injection of metalcore dynamics and yes, plenty of water fowl-related samples and you’d have a pretty good idea of the mayhem these boys manage to conjure up.

Latest release?
Weaponized Waterfowl out not on Halenoise Records. This album has me asking a lot of questions about myself and life and meaning, the foremost which being “Why exactly do ducks have corkscrew shaped penises?” and “Why is the plural of penis penises and not peni or peeneys?”. It’s a rare and beautiful thing when art makes you peer so deeply into the human soul like that.