EP Premiere: Cruce Signatus – ‘Cruce Signatus’

Cruce Signatus

Today we present to you the debut EP from Cruce Signatus, a one-man multi-instrumentalist project from David Frazer of Pillaging Villagers.

This instrumental album is the first of four releases that will together make up the soundtrack to a feature-length animated anthology. He has collaborated with independent animators and illustrators to make the video you see below, which accompanies the full EP.  The album drops June 7, but you can stream it in full here. The video was illustrated and animated by Vincent Kings.

Frazer comments:

“I am thrilled to release this first chapter of the Cruce Signatus chronicle. This album is the culmination of years of musical experimentation and painstaking effort—every moment of the composition has been precisely shaped to compliment the project’s screenplay. My hope is that listeners will connect with the project’s unique sound and the narrative vision as exemplified in the animated video for ‘Gehenna et Tartareum.’ Going forward, I plan to continue to collaborate with visual artists and animators to complete the feature-length animated anthology. This is far from the last you will hear from Cruce Signatus.

“Taking influences from a wide variety of sources, from the cinematic compositions of Hans Zimmer and Basil Poledouris to the dark, brooding synthwave of Gost and Perturbator, all passed through a heavy metal filter, Cruce Signatus represents a dynamic, ambitious venture into new musical realms.”

The four tracks on Cruce Signatus weave together to make a musical tapestry that compliments the imagery, and we’re excited to hear the full, four-EP epic play out.

Preorder the album here.