Morgued Release ‘Reduced to Primitives’ EP

Massachusetts metal miscreants Morgued have made their malevolent return with a brand spankin’ new EP Reduced to Primitives. The Boston-based badasses whirl and churn on the album’s five new songs, whipping up their chaotic trademark concoction of science-fiction focused old-school death metal. The songs here punish and mystify, eviscerating the listener as much as ensnaring them in tales inspired by the likes of Alien, Warhammer 40k and other classic ’80s/’90s science fiction essentials. Imagine 200 Stab Wounds but with the breadth and adventurousness of Blood Incantation and you’ll have an idea of the mayhem being propagated here.

Reduced to Primitives is available via Bandcamp and physical copies can be ordered through Iron Fortress Records.