Track Premiere: Altar of Gore – ‘Carrion Womb’

On its second album, Litanies of the Unceasing Agonies, one-man black/death metal outfit Altar of Gore strips death metal back to its rawest, purest form and revels in it. Following the project’s last release, 2022’s Infinite Visions of Violence, Litanies of the Unceasing Agonies comes from a similar place, with creator The Acolyte of the Foul Ones eschewing keyboards and synthesizers, high production values and complex musicianship in favor of raw, crawling death metal.

Altar of Gore’s latest offering, “Carrion Womb,” which you can stream below, takes inspiration from gore metal forefathers Mortician and Impetigo, plus black/death mainstays like Archgoat. The Acolyte explains that some of these ideas have been bouncing around for the better part of a decade, which explains Altar of Gore’s single-minded approach to playing music.

“‘Carrion Womb’ describes the birthplace of the evil gods known as the Foul Ones, and opens side B. Some of the riffs therein have been floating around my head for over a decade now, so you can see how long some of this stuff has been festering.”

You can join in on the gore-soaked fun by listening to the premiere below. Nameless Grave Records will lead the worship ceremonies on May 17 when Litanies of the Unceasing Agonies is officially released. Don’t be late.