Full Album Stream: Armagh – “Exclamation Point”

Plenty of artists ape the stylings of ’70s and ’80s but Armagh do it with a level of authenticity that’s hard to do. Drawing inspiration from ’70s hard rock, classic ’80s heavy metal and first-wave black metal, their new album Exclamation Point is a melodic, alluring album that is both subdued and energizing.

An eight-song ripper, Exclamation Point is produced and written in a way that recalls Thin Lizzy and Manilla Road than it does Iron Maiden or Judas Priest, the modern heavy metal scene’s major touchstones. The band is still led by guitarist and singer Galin Soulreaper, but he’s constructed an entirely new lineup behind him. On songs like “Enough for Now,” “Aftermath” and “Rough Edges,” the twin-guitar gallop takes center stage. On others like “The Portal” and “Rapid Strike,” Armagh’s influences from Bathory and Slayer kick in, giving us first-wave thrash aggression with heavy metal vocals. They even play relaxed songs, like penultimate track “This is New A,” which puts Soulreaper’s vocals and the band’s melodic sensibilities on display.

When asked about the record, Armagh told Decibel: “Don’t underestimate what’s in the dark. Delusion of the eyes reflecting lighter spark.”

Those looking for heavy metal that rocks and rolls can find it on Exclamation Point, which is out on March 15 via Dying Victims Productions.