Blast Worship: Last Bong of Humanity

Where they from?
Kaiserslautern, Germany. Normally I chat about sports or other bullshit in this intro section but this weekend Blake Harrison of Pig Destroyer passed away and I just want to pay him a little tribute. Blake was one of the first people I met in the entire grindcore scene, bumping into him at the urinals of Saint Vitus literally changed the trajectory of my life. He was one of the most hilarious and supportive people I’ve ever met and was constantly making a point of promoting new and up-and-coming bands in the scene, a legacy I hope to carry on with this column. Thank you for everything, Party Boat, you will be missed.

Why the hype?
As a general rule of thumb, I DESPISE weed-themed bands. To me, there is nothing brutal about marijuana, it’s a drug you smoke and then watch Ren & Stimpy for two hours — if anything it dulls the aggression we often seek out with this kind of music. But even I must admit…this shit rules. It’s essentially a mix of those hyper-gore-blast bands like Sulfuric Cautery and Deterioration mixed with the occasional slam riff. What an absolute concoction. This is one of those records I hate to admit I love.

Latest Release?
Hymns of Indigestible Munchies, self-released. I do find it surprising that this band is from Germany. Germans seem way too strict and uptight for a drug like marijuana. I always thought they were more of an uppers crowd, like having meth blown up your anus in the middle of an Eyes Wide Shut-style sex party. Wow, how lucky am I to get paid for literally writing out my dumbest thoughts on the internet?