Blast Worship: Sick Destroyer

Where they from?
Zdar Nad Sazavou, Chechnya. Say that 10 times fast! The NFL Combine was this past weekend. I’m a pretty big sports fan but I always violently ignore the NFL offseason, usually because I’m still so pissed off at whatever debacle the Jets fell into during the regular season. Besides, am I really get my nips up for a bunch of adults playing two-hand touch in Indianapolis? No, I save my excitement for Chechnian grindcore bands.

Why they hype?
As soon as I saw that this band featured members of Needful Things, Lycanthrophy and Controlled Exsistence I clicked “download” as fast as I humanly could. And good GOD does Sickie D not disappoint. I know it’s kind of hackneyed for a metal writer to describe music as “brutal” but if any band deserved it, it’s these guys. The circle pit riff in “Infect Warfare” alone is enough to rip paint off the side of a house.

Latest Release?
Split 7-inch with Roskopp out now on Psycho Control Records. This stuff is really great, you know a grindcore record is good when it reminds you of why you got into this music in the first place. Unfortunately it seems that Sick Destroyer is a studio-only project for now, but who knows? Maybe getting the hallowed spotlight of Blast Worship will be enough to propel their career to the point where the public DEMANDS that they play live. Now back to watching Caleb Williams run the 40-yard dash (IT WAS A SLOW WEEK, OK?).