Album Stream: Je est un Autre – ‘Flatworm Mysticism’

JE EST UN AUTRE, Dylan Desmond

Care for a break from the pulverization of just about every record we feature? You may have an important communique that requires focus, or you’d like something to replace the passive-aggressive spa music the world’s yogis and mindfulness app developers have apparently agreed we all need for meditation. If so, Dylan Desmond has you covered with Je est un Autre, a sonic exploration tangential to his main squeeze, Bell Witch.

Conceived amidst the solitude of lockdown—parallel to early drafts of The Clandestine GateFlatworm Mysticism is the result of Dylan’s focus shift from bass guitar to the ethereal realms of synthesizers, plunging us into a world of dark, enveloping soundscapes that are as cinematic as they are meditative.

You can hear Flatworm Mysticism now, ahead of its March 1st release, streaming below!