Craneium – ‘One Thousand Sighs’

All hail the Fuzztronaut, the main character in the new music video for Craneium‘s “One Thousand Sighs,” the latest single from their upcoming fourth album, Point of No Return. As the name Fuzztronaut suggests, Craneium deal in fuzzy stoner rock and hefty doom metal, with their new single finding a solid middle ground between the two genres.

“One Thousand Sighs” begins with a bit of strummed guitar before the full band joins in shortly after. The chords used are given room to breathe and set an atmosphere that slowly becomes doomier; by the halfway point, “One Thousand Sighs” is much darker and 30 seconds after that, it’s fully embraced doom and gloom.

The video tells a similarly-depressing story, chronicling the Fuzztronaut’s attempts to go beyond Earhth.

“The music video for ‘One Thousand Sighs’ follows the epic dream of the Fuzztronaut. A man with a dream to journey far and beyond. The video—directed by Joni Tuominen—continues on the theme of the album. Mankind’s future on Earth is uncertain and we can all choose to recognize our responsibilities or to flee. Thanks to Svenska Kulturfonden for making this project possible.”

Point of No Return is out on February 23 via The Sign Records.