Video Premiere: Transit Method – ‘Psychometry’

Hailing from Austin, Texas, prog-metal outfit Transit Method are slated to drop their third album, Othervoid, early next year. Citing influences from Mastodon and Iron Maiden to Mutoid Man and Thin Lizzy, plus Panopticon live violinist Charlie Anderson on bass, it’s an early 2024 attention grabber. Rather than expecting you to exercise patience, we’re bringing you the album’s first track, “Psychometry,” right now.

The song has an upbeat energy, with twin guitar melodies and smooth, catchy vocals. Transit Method sound like they’re having a lot of fun despite the technical nature of the music. “Psychometry” is accompanied by a beautiful music video that features a bunch of fantasy-inspired costume design that goes along with the song’s theme.

“’Psychometry’ is about uncovering mystery using the supernatural,” Transit Method tell Decibel. “It explores how curiosity can lead to painful truths, like in the realization that it’s all too late and nothing can change the past. We must accept whatever reality we face.”

You’ll be invited to enter the Othervoid on February 2 via Brutal Panda, but you can tap in to “Psychometry” now.