Full Album Stream: Degrave – “Volume”

Lace up those white high-tops and battle vests: it’s time for some old-school style thrash courtesy of Midwest wrecking crew Degrave in the form of their new album, Volume. Their third album since debut Full Tilt in 2017, Volume rips like it was performed by a well-oiled machine who knows exactly what they like: Slayer, D.R.I. and Megadeth with a dash of Municipal Waste.

That might sound like a knock, but it’s not—Degrave understand how to rock, as demonstrated on “Raised on Hate and Hooch,” a skill often forgotten when a band simply apes greater bands to see what happens. “Billy’s Way” exists in “bluesy Megadeth” territory, while “Overlord” and “Badge and Gun” are straight thrash-your-face-off rippers.

Preferring to let the music speak for itself, guitarist/vocalist Dylan Vomert kept things simple when asked about the record:

“We’re excited beyond words to share this album with the world, and we’re so proud to work with HPGD. Hope you like it as HEAVY we do!”

You can crank the Volume to 11 and listen to Degrave’s new effort below. It’s out November 3rd on Horror Pain Gore Death.