Album Premiere: Cult Burial – “Reverie Of The Malignant”

Cult Burial album art

In early 2020, London doom sect Cult Burial started a fresh decade with their two-track EP Sorrow. That demo introduced the band’s solemn approach to blending blackened soundscapes with downcast death/doom. After a self-titled LP later that year, Cult Burial’s frenzy of activity included a 2021 EP (Oblivion) as well. Now they return to convert more fans of oppressive heaviness with a new record, entitled Reverie of the Malignant. Today you can listen to the whole album a couple days ahead of the official October 20th release date.

From the opening snarl of “Umbra,” Cult Burial achieve a balance of blackened melodicism and cold-weather doom. When vocalist/lyricist César Moreira unleashes his chilling roar it feels like an elemental force. In this album, darkness is prevalent and prevailing. Meanwhile, Simon Langford’s compositions strike a balance between restrained fury and blitzing aggression. In “Parasite,” Felipe Grüber’s guitars add surprising sizzle to the song’s industrial churn. “Strive” unfolds as a dynamic mood-ruiner, which of course we mean in the best way possible. Later, 9+ minute closer “Oblivion” wields a vast weapon arsenal including stripped-down slams and a hauntingly heavy denouement. While versions of a few of these songs were already released, the songs have taken their deadly final form here. The result is the project’s most striking work yet.

“Cult Burial is delighted to forge this pact with Decibel Magazine to unveil Reverie of the Malignant,” the band shares in a statement. “We invite the world to immerse itself in our realm of sinister echoes and primal resonance, and to behold the malignant tapestry we have created.”

Enter the darkness with Cult Burial and press play on Reverie of the Malignant below.

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