Video Premiere: Ex Everything – “Detonation In The Public Sphere”

Photo by Scott Evans

Though the moniker might suggest it, this isn’t a Dave Witte solo project. The ultra-talented in-demand drummer isn’t even a member of Ex Everything, though this noisy post-hardcore quartet does include current and former members of Kowloon Walled City, Early Graves, Mercy Ties, Blowupnihilist, Less Art, and other notable outfits. Today we’re offering up the short, but punchy (and mathy) new single, “Detonation in the Public Sphere” from Ex Everything’s upcoming debut full-length, Slow Change Will Pull Us ApartThe new single is offered up in fast-cut performance video form, with the band—Dan Sneddon (drums), Ben Thorne (bass), Jon Howell (guitar), Andre Sanabria (vocals)—playing in what looks like an empty warehouse with lots of strobe lights. The video direction and cinematography was handled by Ryan Castaneda, with editing done by Wendy Leuthold and Sanabria.

Slow Change Will Pull Us Apart was recorded with Scott Evans in February 2022 at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, with overdubs completed at Antisleep Audio in early 2023. The record was mixed by Evans and mastered by Amar Lal. Neurot Recordings will release Slow Change Will Pull Us Apart November 10 on LP, CD and digitally. You can place your preorders and presaves here. And check out the PNW tour dates (below the video) scheduled around the album’s release.

Here’s what the band had to say about the new track:

“We selected “Detonation in the Public Sphere” as our second single off Slow Change Will Pull Us Apart because it’s a fucking banger. Clocking in at 93 seconds, the song is a 203bpm sprint from start to finish. The video shoot was a grind for the band (35 full-song takes!), but we felt very confident with Bay Area cinematographer Ryan Castaneda behind the camera. With all that great footage, Wendy Leuthold and Andre Sanabria’s edit highlights the band’s explosiveness both live and on the record.

‘Detonation in the Public Sphere’ is written from the perspective of a person who has recognized their place in the machine of capitalist imperialism and the actions needed to change conditions for the better of humanity. We hope this song will move listeners to think about their place in that machine and then hit repeat to play it again.”

Ex Everything live dates:
11/09/2023 Albany, CA: The Ivy Room
11/10/2023 Portland, OR: Kenton Club
11/11/2023 Seattle, WA: Southgate Roller Rink
11/12/2023 Tacoma, WA: New Frontier Lounge