Video Premiere: Driving Thrash Metal, Literally, With Sinnery’s “An Ode (Knife of Erato)”

Last year, we introduced you to Israeli thrashers Sinnery and their “Black Bile” video taken from the then-forthcoming album of the same name. Fans of Kreator, Testament, The Haunted, Nuclear Assault and Exodus hopefully gathered ‘round and checked the band out, if not because they deliver thrash with passionate fierceness and frantic ferocity, but because it’s always interesting to check out what’s emerging from smaller and more obscure metal scenes from other corners of the globe.

If you didn’t get around to giving this quartet from Tel Aviv a whirl, here’s another chance. The band, like many others, were graced with a period of pandemic-enforced downtime which allowed for an introspective and pointed look at themselves and their art. The result is the forthcoming EP, Below the Summit from which we’re premiering the band’s latest single and video, “An Ode (Knife of Erato),” a song that definitely upholds, if not elevates, their previous work’s vicious precision. Says the band about their new and upcoming release and the song in today’s spotlight:

“We are thrilled about our new EP Below the Summit. This record marks another important milestone in our lives and careers as we continue to explore further and expand the horizons of what Sinnery’s music can be. We put a lot of thought and effort into Below The Summit to try and get everything we can into it. We sat for hours producing it and sharpening every riff and word in it to make it an experience like we’d never had before. BTS is a moment in time when we didn’t know exactly how things will turn out for us; we were isolated in our homes when we began writing this, sharing ideas from afar. It was a special experience for us to write this record like this and we feel like we really put that into it. We discovered new elements and patterns in our composition while writing ‘An Ode’ that we hadn’t done on our last record, thus continuing our broadening metal journey.”

No word on the song’s bizarre video selection and why a car-mounted camera shot of the band gazing half-asleep into side view mirrors and looking disinterested — save vocalist/guitarist Alon Karnieli —as they mosey on down a highway’s cruising lane seemed like a good idea. Luckily, the song rips.

Sinnery are making their first jaunt to the UK and will be playing Romania’s Metal Gates Festival later this month. Overseas readers and travellers looking for a different way to spend your tourist time and money, take note.

Tour Dates: 

September 18 – The Cobbletones – Bridgewater, UK 

September 19 – The Black Heart – Camden, UK 

September 20 – The Hairy Dog – Derby, UK 

September 21 – Fuel Rock Club – Cardiff, UK 

September 22 – The Gryphon – Bristol, UK 

September 23 – The Cavern – Exeter, UK 

September 28 – Quantic Club – Bucharest, RO – Metal Gates Festival w/ Katatonia, Rotting Christ






*Photo Credit – Or Shenkerman