Video Premiere: Terromania – “Disturbingly Beautiful”

Come to think of it, the term “disturbingly beautiful” effectively describes everything metal is about — don’t you think?

Finland’s Terromania is here with their new video “Disturbingly Beautiful,” an audio-visual love letter to heavy metal aesthetics. The hard-rocking jam will feature on the band’s upcoming debut album, Nyctophobic, due out on November 17 via Ripple Music. If this song is any indicator, the full-length will be a 2023 essential for fans of bands like Ghost, Him and other theatrical devotees to dark riffs and dark eyeliner.

The song comes loaded with hooks for days, but also features a slight death metal edge that keeps the band solidly tied to its extreme roots. The balances the catchiness with aggression and prevents the music from devolving into the trap many bands struggle to avoid — 2000s radio rock with extra steps. Check out the song and video for yourself below: