Album Premiere: Abaddon Incarnate – ‘The Wretched Sermon’

Abaddon Incarnate band photo

Irish demons Abaddon Incarnate began their reign of blasts and blasphemy in the middle of the ’90s. Their 1999 Last Supper record endures as a feast of old school death metal riffs. Over a quarter century later, three of those members still remain for the band’s upcoming sixth album. The Wretched Sermon leans even harder into death/grind that surges with the authentic savagery of extreme metal’s golden age. Listen to the diabolical record a few days early, before Transcending Obscurity releases it on August 5th.

From the first Olan Parkinson drum roll, The Wretched Sermon blazes a war path across numerous extreme genres. Taking cues from Swedeath, grind, and even pitch-black crust and hardcore, the album launches with unforgiving ferocity. “Gateways” opens up the (hell) pit with the album’s first contagious breakdown before “Parasite” adds to that list. Later, the eerie piano concluding “Killing Spree” is swiftly obliterated by the blackened cacophony of “Into the Maelstrom.” A song title like “Hyperchaos” hints at feral speed, and fans of Rotten Sound and Nails won’t be disappointed. But being fast isn’t the primary goal. Steve Maher and Bill Whelan still offer inspired riffs throughout the record, like in the atmospheric buzzsaw epic “Isolation and Decay.” If you prefer grind with sinister solos and ’90s death metal crunch, you’ll love descending to the underworld with Abaddon Incarnate.

Venture into the maelstrom with Abaddon Incarnate and press play below.

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