Video Premiere: death pose – “Brief Candles”

Photo: Milo Mendoza

Like your noise rock with teeth and a little oomph? Chicago-based quartet death pose (intentionally stylized as lowercase) might have what you need on their debut album, Midnight Society, which was announced earlier today. With thirteen potent tracks—including the already-released “Double Hockey Sticks”—death pose make their mark as a band to watch, like with new single “Brief Candles.”

“‘Brief Candles’ is about the fleeting nature of our lives and how we choose to spend our time,” death pose say about the track. “Particularly with those that we love, and the heartbreaking changes in reciprocation that sometimes happen over time. When one decides that perhaps they don’t ‘feel it’ anymore, seemingly out of the blue. When they’d rather suddenly abandon the life that they’ve built with their partner just to chase the next shiny penny bouncing down the road, spraining their ankles along the way.”

With that in mind, listen to “Brief Candles” below. Working in post-hardcore influences and a snotty punk attitude, death pose convey the heartbreak-turned-to-frustration of the situation described in the above quote. The new song is a accompanied by a performance video, which confirms for the viewer that AI didn’t perform this track.

If you’re into it, Midnight Society is out on October 20 via Brutal Panda.