Full Album Stream: Distention – “Nothing Comes from Death”

On their debut record, Pennsylvania technical death metal outfit Distention—who count among their ranks current and former members of Rivers of Nihil, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Organ Trail, Visceral Disgorge and The Kennedy Veil—establish themselves as a band to watch.

Taking a similar approach to the genre as later Job for a Cowboy or even Black Crown Initiate, write clear, depressive death metal. The guitars are groovy and discordant, with melodic solos that drive home the fact that Distention’s music is about mental illness and suicide. The quartet’s rhythm section performs with mechanical precision on Nothing Comes from Death, which underscores the very dark and human elements of Distention’s music.

Nothing Comes from Death is concisely written, weighing in at eight songs and 30 minutes; because of this, no track stretches out longer than it can justify and Distention don’t get lost in tech-death wankery. The album ends on a depressing note, closer “Nothing Changes,” that feels in line with songs like “Manic Mental Failures,” “Toxic Speculations” and “Decaying.”

Nothing Comes from Death is a collection of songs that encompasses topics such as the fear of death, the struggles of bipolar disorder, and thoughts of suicide,” vocalist Darren Liwen tells Decibel. “I wrote the lyrics to these songs when I was at very low points while trying to convey the chaos of anxiety and the uncertainty of life.”

With that, stream Nothing Comes from Death below. It’s out on Friday and available for pre-order via The Artisan Era.