Track Premiere: Dismal Aura – “Les Allumettieres”

Dismal Aura
Photo courtesy of Dismal Aura

Canadian black metal trio Dismal Aura have dropped a lyric video for “Les Allumettieres.” The band are known for exploring issues like colonization, trans rights, and labor rights, and this song is in the same vein.

“The single ‘Les Allumettieres’ is inspired by the women who advanced worker’s solidarity in the deplorable conditions of matchstick factories in turn-of-the-century Canada,” says the band’s Archon Lamentor.

The song conjures at once imagery of a barren, snowy plane and the concept of a proud worker standing up against oppression. The classic black metal stylings are blended with punk, grind, and even melodic elements to create something all their own.

The band first arrived on the scene in 2021 with their debut, self-released album Praeagia Tristia. Their forthcoming album Imperium Mortalia will be out September 29 via Avantegarde Music.

Preorder Imperium Mortalia via Sound Cave.

Imperium Mortalia:
01 – Blood Quantum
02 – Les Allumettières
03 – One Path, Many Voices
04 – Essence Of Petrichor
05 – …And Their Blood Shall Be Upon Them
06 – Weaponizing Human Suffering
07 – The Orphan Source
08 – Beyond Necropolitics