Scottish Gabber Punx To Release New EP “Scum of the Colonies”

Gabber, commonly referred to as “hardcore techno,” shares a lot in common with metal and punk, namely in that it is loud, abrasive and incredibly annoying to the uninitiated. The small but dedicated international gabber scene has produced a few breakout acts in it’s 25 years of existence, notably groups like Angerfist and Rotterdam Terror Corps and perhaps the next great candidate for breakout success is Scotland’s own irascible duo, Scottish Gabber Punx.

Featuring Rumana Kapadia and James Chinnery (formerly of Scottish hardcore punk stalwarts Sectioned) the group has made a name for themselves by, in their own words, “combining terrible ’90s dance music with gabber and a radical leftist agenda”. The result is something similar to 100 Gecs getting beaten up in an alleyway by Trap Them while Eiffel 65 cheer them on. Sound enticing? Horrifying? It doesn’t matter, this Scottish duo truly does not give a fuck.

The group is premiering their new EP, Scum of the Colonies, which is lyrically informed by Jamie’s Scottish heritage and Rumana’s experience as the daughter of Indian immigrants. In the band’s own words: “This EP is unapologetic and will shove its queer leftist antics down the throat of anyone listening.” Good golly, Ms. Molly!