Track Premiere: Satanic Tea Co. – “Dissection of Christ”

Satanic Tea Co

“[This song is] about how I dream of tasting the body of Christ in a delicious hot tea made from his butchered insides.”

Usually I share a little background bio context before diving into a quote from the artist. But Satanic Tea Co captured my interest by subverting expectations. That opening line from vocalist Crucifix is part of the blasphemous allure. Yes, the project is a peripheral hustle to being real-life purveyors of Canadian tea. As it turns out, Decibel premiered a video from the project last year as well. Before a year passes since that 2022 premiere, the project will finally release their debut EP, A Celestial Beating.  Today we share a video for “Dissection of Christ” that doubles down on Satanic Tea Co’s kitschy weirdness.

Despite having an obviousand completely necessarysense of humor, this is death grind with teeth. The track restlessly slams from chugging breakdowns to tech death flourishes and shades of Napalm Death. All the while, our corpse painted hero enjoys a fresh cup of martyr innard tea. A cat grooms and rests nearby on a a strikingly blue couch. Dedicated to the Lynchian strangeness of the nearly static image, Crucifix barely blinks during the 150 second unbroken take. I challenge you to do the same when these riffs take hold.

Grab yourself a piping hot cup of death grind below.

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Satanic Tea Co photo