Track Premiere: Colony Drop – ‘Stand Against the World’

Seattle’s Colony Drop understand the most important thing about crossover thrash from the get-go on their debut album, fittingly titled Brace for Impact: it’s supposed to be catchy and fun. Mining in a not-dissimilar vein to Power Trip and Iron Age with splashes of Celtic Frost, Black Breath and Japanese D-beat, Colony Drop sling immediate and fast-moving tunes that are equal parts catchy and ripping.

On latest offering “Stand Against the World,” Colony Drop take their cues from the Burning Spirits brand of Japanese hardcore, remembering to write melodies along with the repeated chorus of “D-beat adventure!” Vocalist Joseph Schafer explains how the song came to be—hope you like anime!

“Some songs take a long time to write, but not ‘Stand Against the World,’ this one was f-a-s-t. We were in the practice space talking about Burning Spirits hardcore and D-beat bands we like, and earlier, we’d been talking about the manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, so I said, ‘We should just write a song called ‘JoJo’s D-Beat Adventure.’ I thought I was being silly, but Ben had a working demo more or less the next day, and we dug it. The lyrics came in one big burst alongside the final title, and basically, the song has been the same ever since. People in the crowd like to take the mic and do the gang shouts with us when we play ‘Stand’ live — sometimes even if they haven’t heard the song before — which is wild, but always makes us feel good.”

Take a listen to “Stand Against the World” below; I’m pretty sure you’ll be doing the gang shouts by the end too. Brace for Impact makes, errr, impact on August 25. Pre-orders are up via Nameless Grave.