Five For Friday: June 23, 2023

Greetings, Decibel readers!

Hope you’ve gotten your copy of Decibel #226, as it contains lots of goodies from the Mizmor cover story to a proper story about Anvil‘s Metal on Metal. Everyone knows about the Anvil documentary and the band’s place in the history of metal, but it’s long-past due for a proper journalistic outlet like Decibel to give the classic album the coverage it deserves.

Anyway, here’s five new metal releases to enjoy for the weekend:

Creeping Death – Boundless Domain

Muscular, straightforward death metal in the new-old-school class of bands. If you want a modern take on Grave, Vader and Jungle Rot, this is the next band patch to add to your battle vest.

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DeathCollector – Death’s Toll

The debut album from the UK’s DeathCollector. I’m not sure how one “collects” death, so don’t try to think about it too much. But I am sure that this is some crushing and fun-as-hell death metal!

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Krigsgrav – Fires in the Fall

Funny thing — although it’s late June here in the northeast, the weather has been oddly cool. And by that I mean perfect, like mid-September weather, the kind of mild serenity that presages the coming of autumn. So it’s fitting that Krigsrav‘s fantastic work of atmospheric brilliance should drop now. The band’s construction of riffs, rhythms and growls is seasons ahead of everyone else in the field right now. Believe the hype on this album, because it deserves more of it.

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Tsjuder – Helvegr

I hope you like your drums fast, your vocals fierce and your riffs ice-cold, cause we’ve got a new Tsjuder album here. The Norwegian speed-masters are back with their latest serving of razor-sharp black metal. It’s the most brutal black metal can get before it starts slipping into blackened-death territory. At this point in their career, Tsjuder are the dark lords of their desert northern hell.

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Wooden Veins – Imploding Waves

A doomy, post-rockish change of pace from the rest of this list. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys later Lantlôs or anything from that cadre of bands.

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