Video Premiere: Stabbing – “Visions of Eternal Suffering”

Photo courtesy of Stabbing

Texas’ favorite slam-meats-brutal-death-metal ensemble, Stabbing, are gracing us with a new video today for “Visions of Eternal Suffering.”

The song comes from the band’s 2022 record, Visions of Eternal Suffering, via Comatose Music. Now, the relentlessly heavy anthem is paired with campy slasher vibes in the most fitting way possible.

“This song was written from the point of view of a deranged serial killer,” the band say. “We chose to work with Nat Conner at Everliving Media. for this because he did our previous videos, and we love working with him. He took things a step further by bringing in actors that didn’t necessarily fit the stereotypical ‘look’ of a killer, showing that they can be anywhere among us in society.”

Stabbing will hit the road for their upcoming summer tour with brutal death metal legends Defeated Sanity. Liquifying Northern Hemispheres 2023 will embark across the Northern United States and Canada in July.