Video Premiere: Gutslit – ‘The Killing Joke’

Sink your teeth into some brutal fucking death metal with “The Killing Joke,” a new ripper from long-running Indian crushers Gutslit. Pulled from their upcoming third album, Carnal, “The Killing Joke” features the grooves and low-end one expects in brutal death metal but also uses liberal deathgrind influences, making it the fastest song on the album.

The new song is also accompanied by a sleek and stylish video that uses the power of suggestion to imply that things aren’t looking great for the singular guest watching Gutslit peform.

Says the band about “The Killing Joke”:

“The composition of this song draws its inspiration from the infamous figure of John Wayne Gacy, known for his heinous acts, providing an insightful exploration into the depths of his disturbed and deviant psyche. The lyrics themselves possess an unsettling and distorted quality that effectively unveils the horrors that linger in the wake of his actions.

“The visual portrayal of this song in its accompanying video is a result of the masterful direction by Avinash Jai Singh, brought to life through the creative efforts of Gingerman Productions and Kidsquidy. Their collaboration skillfully materialized our artistic vision and concept, enhancing the overall impact of the composition.

“Entitled ‘The Killing Joke,’ this track stands out as the most rapid-paced offering within the album ‘Carnal,’ delivering a relentless sonic onslaught that pushes the boundaries of our songwriting and technical prowess. Furthermore, the very title of the song subtly pays homage to the enigmatic Clown Prince of Crime, adding an additional layer of sophistication and meaning to its composition.”

Watch it below. Carnal is out on July 7.