Blast Worship: Chepang

Where they from?
Queens, New York by way of Nepal. One of my favorite yearly traditions of the sports calendar is celebrating when all the Canadian teams have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. This year it came a few weeks later than anticipated due to the Oilers and somehow miraculously the Maple Leafs surviving the first round, but as of last night, both of them have been eliminated. Most Canadians will claim to not care that one of their country’s teams hasn’t captured a championship since 1993, but we all know they are liars and in fact hurts their feelings very much. USA! USA!

Why the hype?
If you follow this page at all or just have talked to me at a show (please don’t) you would know I’m all about the Chepang train. Easily one of the most innovative grindcore bands to ever do it, this band has everything: two drummers, angular riffs, saxophone, experimental formatting, evil DJ remixes and an absolute “fuck you” spirit that thumbs it’s nose in the face of any and all type of convention. These guys are effortlessly more grindcore than you will ever be and they don’t even have to try that hard to do it.

Latest release?
Swatta, out now on Holy Goat Records and Selfmadegod. This is only Side A of a four-part LP, the latter of which will feature guest appearances by serious grindcore royalty, yet it’s somehow already my favorite album of the year? Kshitiz Motkan and crew have channeled some of their most beautifully piercing and melodic material and combined it with some serious heft and bombast to create something that sounds like Gridlink in a street fight with a hardcore band while both parties are on high amounts of LSD. If that doesn’t get you excited, then maybe consider switching genres, bro.