Track Premiere: Astral Tomb – “Coward”

If you like death metal that’s willing to explore its own boundaries while still remaining brutal and raw as hell, then Denver’s Astral Tomb is the band for you. Their debut album Soulgazer proved this last year, and the band shows no sign of slowing the pace, with their second album due this July: Total Spiritual Death.

Decibel is proud to premiere the band’s first single from that album, an absolute blazing track called simply, “Coward.” There’s a lot going on here, and the band has an exciting, almost jam-session, feel to their sound here. But that guitar tone and snare-drum sound are no joke. This is still some MEAN death metal.

Here’s how the band describes the song:

“On its surface, “Coward” is a song about revenge. Look a little deeper, and you will find it is a symbol of a human pushed to their breaking point, no longer able to control the rage that consumes them, and succumbs to their desire for violence and bloodshed. For us, “Coward” is a vehicle of catharsis that allows us to tap into these feelings.”

Enjoy the track below. Pre-orders for Total Spiritual Death will be available via Astral Tomb’s Bandcamp page.