Full Album Stream: Industrial Puke – ‘Born Into the Twisting Rope’

Photo by Mathias Coulouri

Despite the, ahem, distinct lack of “dis” in their name, Industrial Puke are just as crusty and D-beat lovin’ as any of their fellow Discharge-worshipping Swedes. The new quintet—Linus Jägerskog (vocals), Mattias Rasmusson (drums), Marko Partanen (guitar), Erik Harald (bass), Jens Ekelin (guitar/vocals)—was formed by members of Burst, Obstruktion, Blessings, Gust and Rentokiller, and are here to slay with their savagely primal 10-track debut, Born Into the Twisting Rope. 

The new burner is a master class in overdriven guitar/bass distortion, relentless battery and manic throat-scrape vocals. It’s hardcore powered by Boss HM-2. Born Into the Twisting Rope was recorded by the band at Studio Skogen, Gothenburg, Sweden, and it was mixed by Mikael Andersson at Studio Soundport and mastered by Johan Reivèn (Audiolord). It’s set for release May 12 on vinyl, CD and digitally via Suicide Records. You can preorder it here.

Here’s what the band had to say about their new album:

“We really felt a need to write songs like clear-cut outbursts of all the shit you normally hold in and water down. This album needed to be blasts of concentrated fury through a Swedish hardcore interpretation of Disrupt and Dismember.”