Track Premiere: LESOTHO – “Flicker”

Boston based instrumental/post-metal trio LESOTHO are proving they are more than a flash-in-the-pan pandemic project with their latest collection of bombastic yet ethereal cuts, Through The Dying Light.

The combined forces of guitarist Kyle Loffredo, bassist Cliff Cazeau and drummer Zach Ganshirt released their Summer Wars debut EP in 2021, cementing their place as an up-and-coming artist to watch in the New England’s thriving alternative metal scene.

The new 55-minute opus was recorded at The Bridge Sound & Stage – formerly known as Fort Apache Studios – with Alex Allinson handling engineering, recording, and mixing duties. The tracks were then sent to Mario Quintero of NYC doomgaze act Spotlights, who handled mastering at Audio//MQ.

Justin Cowley Photo

Decibel proudly debuts the album’s epic centerpiece “Flicker”, featuring guest lap steel by Phil Todisco.

Zach Ganshirt offers, “Our song ‘Flicker’ is the perfect embodiment of what our sound has come to be with this new record. Tip toeing at times while trudging at others. We felt this track deserved a visual counterpart to further emphasize the sound and contrasts we were striving to portray. Evolution and eventual transformation.”

The video for “Flicker” was directed by Eric Bluebaum, of Ohio sludge band Maharaja, who adds, “We wanted to work with the concepts of life, death, rebirth, and the different symbology we could use to express each. The character experiences dying, a spiritual realm, and an enlightened stage of existence.”

Through The Dying Light is out now and streaming on all platforms, with a limited cassette and new merch posting nextweek through LESOTHO’s Bandcamp HERE