Blast Worship: Eastwood

Where they from?
Germany and France. Yesterday news broke that Aaron Rodgers was being traded to my beloved New York Jets and man did my phone just absolutely blowup. By that I mean my one friend from Texas texted me to tell me what an asshole I am. This motherfucker is yet to play a single preseason snap in a Jets uniform and people are already assassinating my character. For shame. BTW, we are going to win the next five Super Bowls.

Why the hype?
This European grind/violence unit has been on my radar for quite a while, churning high quality shit that smacks of both the stop/start insanity of Yacopse and the absolute bonkers brutality of all those Leeds bands like Afternoon Gentlemen and Gets Worse. Also, they are named Eastwood, presumably after the greatest spaghetti western actor of all time Clint Eastwood? You Know, Mr. “Get The Fuck Off My Lawn”? I mean that has to count for something here.

Latest Release?
Split with Chadel released via Helldog Records. Speaking of “stop/start” this album is essentially the crown jewel of brutal pauses. This shit almost breaks past being grind at times and just sounds like insane tech violence with hints of djent. Yes, I used the fucking D word, get over it. My team is going to the Super Bowl and yours isn’t.