Track Premiere: Aridus – “Bearer of Silence”

When Galen Baudhuin (live Wolves in the Throne Room, ex-Trap Them) moved back to his hometown of Santa Fe, NM, he found himself reflecting on the wide-open landscapes, desert winds, and arid soil that had shaped him. He also thought of death, and the two came together in a new black metal project he called Aridus. The first batch of songs Baudhuin completed under the Aridus name are the basis of Serpent Moon, a debut album that crackles with the energy of early Enslaved, if they had been inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s blood-red desert vistas.

Baudhuin played every instrument, sang every lyric, and collected all the field recordings on Serpent Moon, citing a need to represent his creative vision unaided. The result reflects the solitude of the high desert he calls home. It’s both a love letter and a humble genuflection to the eternal, unyielding power of the American Southwest. Today, we’re premiering the album’s first single, the dirge-like “Bearer of Silence.” Read Baudhuin’s statement on the song and give it a listen below.

“‘Bearer of Silence’ points to the idea of accepting a life with an undercurrent of solitude. It also serves as a meditation on the arid landscapes of northern New Mexico. Probably the most personal Aridus song. Musically it sits as the centerpiece of the album. Formed around this somber, mid paced melody that shifts and evolves throughout.”

Pre-order Serpent Moon, out May 5 via Eisenwald Productions.