Full Album Stream: Dimentianon – ‘Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth’

Opening with a dark orchestral-sounding piece, “Inimica Malevolentia,” that wouldn’t be out of place in a David Lynch movie, the fifth album from Long Island, New York quartet Dimentianon is as twisted as the intro would suggest. Deeper into Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth, the band’s—M (vocals), Joe Fogarazzo (guitars/bass), Don Zaros (keyboards), Matt Hass (drums)—true intent is revealed: a crusty, doom-laden black metal attack that’s studded with melodic keyboard flourishes and funeral flourishes. It’s creepy, majestic and bleak.

It’s the latest release from a band that’s been at it for more than two decades. Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth was mastered by Jos-Sothoth and is set for release April 14 on CD and digitally. The release is a three-way collaboration between Paragon Records (Long Island, NY), Symbol of Domination Productions (Moldova) and Pest Records (Romania). You can order your copy here.

Here’s a quote from the label(s) regarding the new album:

“The band exists in a void where few others will enter. For the first time in Dimentianon’s history, the line-up has stayed the same for consecutive album releases and shows why they are one of the longest surviving, darkest cults the Long Island, NY scene has to offer! The feedback to the last album alone, shows that the underground is hungry for something new and not just the same old rehash that seems to plague most of the scene. This new offering needs to be heard!”