Five For Friday: March 24, 2023

Greetings, Decibel readers!

Black metal devotees, rejoice! Mork and Lamp of Murmuur have new albums out!

Death metal demons, rejoice! There’s a new Angerot album out!

New-old-school metal vest-wearers, rejoice! There’s a new Firmament album out!

Experimental metal fans who actually have taste … rejoice! Ne Oblivscaris has a new album out!


Angerot – The Profound Recreant

From our full-album stream of The Profound Recreant:

“With this album, we wanted to take everything that was Divine Apostate and push it further,” Angerot tell Decibel. “It is absolutely a continuation of what Divine Apostate is, but with more experimentation and more aggression. We had time to record Profound Recreant, so we took advantage of it. We explored each track extensively as they matured and continually added and adjusted them as the process moved forward. We had the liberty to revisit songs and adjust them, modify them and layer them as they grew. I think Profound Recreant is one of those albums that is a must listen with a solid set of headphones to really be able to dissect all of its layers and elements.”

Stream: Apple Music

Firmament – We Don’t Rise, We Just Fall

From our full-album stream of We Don’t Rise, We Just Fall:

“Firmament wouldn’t have been A-listers in the NWOBHM, but in 2023 they sound like one of those scads of second- and third-tier bands that gave the movement depth and soul. Their dedication to this sound and style is admirable and, lest we seem to be damning them with faint praise, they pull it off note perfect. We Don’t Rise, We Just Fall sounds utterly authentic.”

Stream: Apple Music

Lamp of Murmuur – Saturnian Bloodstorm

2023 brings a lot of big moves for Lamp of Murmuur. A move to more colorful album art. A move beyond the raw, chorus-driven raw black metal the project is known for. A move to … major streaming networks! Wow! Slow down there, buddy, before long you’ll tell everyone your name! Anyway, this album rules, as expected. Glorious Immortal worship we never thought we needed so badly.

 Stream: Apple Music

Mork – Dypet

More than any other newer Norwegian band, Mork has carried on the spirit of the early-90s without falling into predictable kitsch and blast-beating boredom. This album, like the band’s others, captures a rich, enveloping atmosphere, with riffs that play off each other in a way that gives Mork its signature sound. It’s a sound that remembers, but still moves forward.

Stream: Apple Music

Ne Oblivscaris – Exul

If you want your metal epic and progressive, but still brutal and crushing, Ne Oblivscaris has been carrying your proud banner for two decades now. Listening to them is like watching a high-budget blockbuster with tons of special effects, but with strong character-building and storytelling that still makes you invested in what’s happening. It’s experimental without being “zany” and “random” just for its own sake. Thank goodness.

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