Track Premiere: Mammon’s Throne – “Beyond”

These bands with Biblical monikers have us going down all kinds of Interweb rabbit holes. Lacking a background in Christian theology (or a personal relationship with Jesus) we just let the honest and trustworthy denizens of the world wide web fill in the gaps. Which really means a quick search and scan of the first thing that pops up. Mammon, apparently can be interpreted as the “demon of greed” or the “seductive god of riches.” With that helpful knowledge in hand, we can assure you that Aussie nogoodniks Mammon’s Throne are not greedy with the Celtic Frost-y riffs and snarled, wretched vocals on new single, “Beyond.”  Nope, they’re most generous with their filthy Down Under doom.

The quintet—Matthew Miller (vocals), Amesh Perera (lead guitar), Johnny Chammas (rhythm guitar), Sam Talbot-Canon (bass), Nick Boschan (drums)—rumble through the melancholic, downbeat track with venom and spite in a concise three minutes and change. “Beyond” comes from Mammon’s Throne’s upcoming five-track self-titled second album.

Mammon’s Throne was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Mastering Studio. It’s set for release on vinyl and digitally on April 1 via Brilliant Emperor Records. Place your preorder here.

Here’s what the band had to say about its new single:

“’Beyond’ was the first track written after strict COVID lockdowns in Melbourne. Having been unable to play together for the better part of two years, [we] had tons of pent up energy and aggression which culminated in the most straight to the point and bludgeoning piece of music we’ve written to date. ‘Beyond’ is a take-no-prisoners blackened-doom stomper chronicling the ascension of the human spirit into the cosmos after mortal death. The song’s lyrics are a thematic sequel to the album’s opener ‘Return Us to the Stars’.”