Track Premiere: THIN – ‘rear view’

It’s been a couple years since Decibel checked in with New York math-grinders THIN. In that time, the trio finished a four-way split and finished their second album, Dusk. To those already familiar with THIN, it’s an evolution of the sound they’ve been establishing since their first release three years ago. If you’re not in the know, “rear view” is a great way to get a dose of the band’s super-technical, explosive style without spending more than 90 seconds of your time.

“The track ‘rear view’ rounds out the record with with moody, lumbering rhythms and lyrics about dissociation, blurred identity and intrusive thoughts,” THIN offer of the track. “Robbie Smith (Heavy Heavy Low Low, Bone Cutter) and THIN drummer Fernando Morales combine multi-angle, live playthrough footage with dizzying green screen visuals, and special effects to create a cacophony of images, blasts, shrieks and grooves. Together, the song and video help convey the tangled nature of trauma and nostalgia.”

THIN officially release Dusk on February 10 via their Bandcamp and you can watch the video for “rear view” below.