Five For Friday: February 3, 2023

Greeting, Decibel readers!

It’s windy and freezing cold in the northeastern US today. Don’t know about you, but I feel like it’s a good day to stay in and listen to fast and freezing cold riffs! While there isn’t much pure black metal below, there are elements of it in the first two releases. Otherwise it’s all death metal. And any day is good for that.


Act of Impalement – Infernal Ordinance

Harsh death metal excellence with a touch of bestial black metal barbarism. Crank up “Bogbody” at your next house party, and put “In Wolflight” on extra loud when people gather for the bonfire outside.

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All Out War – Celestial Rot

Metallic hardcore done right. And it’s no surprise, it is All Out War, after all. A lot of bands tried to square the same circle in the 2000s but just wound up sounding like squares. But All Out War has managed to take the spirit of early classics like Condemned to Suffer and join it with the ghostly fury of black metal. Should we call it “blackened beatdown” maybe? Seems a fitting label for a song like “The End is Always Near.” Be sure to catch them on this year’s installment of Decibel Metal and Beer Fest this April in Philly.

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Osiah – Chronos

Blast-blast-blast, riff-riff-riff, “UUUUUURRRRGH”… It’s on Unique Leader, you know the drill.

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Memoriam – Rise to Power

The latest from Karl Willetts’ post-Bolt Thrower unit, carrying on the legacy of powerful riffs with added melodic touches that make the band stand out as its own force. And the pace of production is pretty incredible, this being the band’s fifth full-length release since forming in 2015.

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Sanguisugabogg – Homicidal Ecstasy

A very kinky band, the kind you don’t take home to mother. The latest from this gruesome institution is as dirty, heavy and gross as you’d hope. The real power comes from the combination of the strong low-end with the gurgling vocals. It’s a particular kind of magic that makes you cheer, or vomit. Perhaps both.

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