Video Premiere: Freja – “Scattered Shields”

Freja Band Photo

After forming in the Netherlands in 2019, atmospheric black metal duo Freja released their first recorded music last year. Their debut LP Tides revealed a band interested in exploring the boundaries of black metal. Instead of summoning dusk, the duo of C. (Witte Wieven) and W. (Laster, Verval) explore the golden hour before sunset throughout Tides. Their songs feel cinematic and basked in dying light, perfect for the music video medium.  Today Decibel Magazine exclusively shares the video for “Scattered Shields.”

Amongst the green leaves and tall grass, one tall dead tree feels like a natural tombstone. Meanwhile, a shadowy figure (played by Valeria Echevarría) sulks through the forest. It’s a dreamy narrative of woodland witchcraft that invokes a sense of dread as mid-song blasts launch the song forward. But there’s also a sense of wonder as the robed figure roams through the tranquil wilderness. For those hearing Freja for the first time, “Scattered Shields” is a great introduction to the band’s sullen but striking sound. The duo implements melody and melancholy throughout, expressing the band’s varied and vibrant approach to black metal.

“We live in the fragments of an illusion,” the band explains in a statement. “Our true nature shines through sometimes, reflected in our shields. It’s about breaking free from these forms, but also letting forms guide us to our true self. The pathway into being. Ancient symbols, signs and spirits from other dimensions can show us the way.”

Venture into the woods by pressing play on Freja’s “Scattered Shields” below.

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