Video Premieres: Asbestos Worker Bring the Noise… Rock. Two-Fold

Hailing from Minneapolis comes Asbestos Worker, an enigmatic noise rock trio who take inspiration and influence from their hometown’s most famous label (AmRep), the clatter and bang of ‘80s New York City’s burnt out Lower East Side, the purgatory between grunge and punk and whatever cough syrup rappers sip on all day. Think the middle ground between Unsane and Cows and you’re on your way to getting the hang of their debut full-length, The Seperation. The record has actually been available from Learning Curve Records for a couple months, but the band has offered us up a couple of videos for premiere that visually manifest their outbound personalities and addiction to sardonic hilarity and caustic sarcasm.

We weren’t able to get a quote from the band about the obvious anti-cop sentiment of “How Nonviolence Protects the State” and the feigned displeasure of watching ‘80s Billy Joel act like the Dillinger Escape Plan that colours their “I Hope You Get Greased” clip, but in cases like these, sometimes it’s better to zip your trap, open your ears and eyes and just enjoy. Heck, the fact that drummer Jason Peterson and guitarist/vocalist Josh Stever met while actually working as asbestos workers means we should be lucky they’re alive let alone that the band even exists! So, sit back and relish in a few giggles with your colossal crunching noise rock.

“How Non-Violence Protects the State”

“I Hope You Get Greased”

The Seperation is out now on Learning Curve Records. 

For info and ordering, follow the links:

Learning Curve