Album Premiere: Trollcave – “Rotted Remnants Dripping into The Void”

Trollcave Band Info

As a new year looms ahead, I have one more absolute crusher of an album to share with you extreme death freaks. Spanish cavern dwellers Trollcave just formed last year, but they’ve already received the cassette treatment from the death metal tastemakers at Gurgling Gore twice. The first time around it was their three-track EP Malforming Abominations of the Gloom Depths. Now their debut LP is ready to consume souls before 2023 strikes. Rotted Remnants Dripping into The Void will be out officially on December 30th, but we have it early thanks to Gurgling Gore.

I love an atmospheric synth intro for a gnarly death metal record. After Trollcave welcome you to their subterranean lair they soon drop the execution hammer with “Fermented Rot Unlocks Hidden Pathways.” It was the first song Trollcave shared from the album, and for good reason. It feels dirty and dangerous, with unpolished grit and primal appeal. It’s the punchiest track on an album that soon submerges itself in doomier slime. “Impious Ensnarement at the Life Crypts” concludes with a forlorn passage that will convert fans of Inverloch and Evoken. Later, eerie keys groan in the distance as raw riffs bellow from Marta Martínez’s guitar. By the time “Faint Engravings in Emblazoned Secretions” oozes through your speakers, death/doom lifers will hope they wrote their 2022 best-of lists in pencil. Armed with this devastating debut, Trollcave now has their gaze set on demolishing stages in 2023.

“You might notice that there is a more death metal approach to the songs,” Trollcave mentions, “but no worries, the slow and funerary parts might be even slower, heavier, and longer. This album was recorded at our rehearsal room by our drummer [Marc Rodriguez] who recorded drums, guitars, bass and synths. But this time Carlos [López], our new singer, recorded the putrid screams in the album, and they sound just disgusting.

“After releasing our first demo, everything changed,” they continue. “Marc, our drummer and composer, didn’t think this would become a full band. Trollcave was going to be a side project. But when a friend of ours told us to try and play at his birthday, we decided that it was necessary to play live shows. And since then we’re just trying to crush every venue we hit.

“We really appreciate the work that Gurgling Gore is doing,” comments Trollcave, “releasing our stuff in an amazing quality and being such a nice guy and label to work with. Eternal thanks to you brother. As Gurgling Gore says: “LIFE IS TEMPORARY, DEATH METAL IS FOREVER.”

Drip your next 35 minutes into the void and press play below.

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Vinyl and CD releases TBA.

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