Track Premiere: FesterDecay – ‘Rotten Fester Decay’

The celebration of the birth of Christ is thankfully fucking over, so let’s get back to the good shit: goregrind. Fukuoka, Japan’s FesterDecay are experts in the style, forming in 2015 with the intention to inspire a revival of the style in the vein of early Carcass. A handful of demos and splits proved that they were on to something and now FesterDecay’s debut LP, Reality Rotten To The Core, is slated for a February 24 release via Everlasting Spew

Since the best place to begin is at the beginning, Decibel has acquired track one, “Rotten Fester Decay,” for your listening displeasure. It’s a groovy, mid-paced song with suitably gross vocals, making it easy to dig in compared to the high-energy chaos of the rest of Reality Rotten to the Core. Check it out below; the full album is out on February 24.