Blast Worship: Compulsion To Kill

Where they from?
Malaysia. I don’t get too many opportunities to brag about my football team, so I just wanna ask… HOW ABOUT THEM JETS? Mike White replaced Zach Wilson (who was playing terribly, even for a 12-year-old) and totally smoked the Chicago Bears’ asses. It’s so incredibly bizarre wearing my Jets sweatshirt on a Monday and getting actual compliments rather than the usual pity. Speaking of things that smoke asses…

Why the hype?
COMPULSION TO KILL. First heard of these guys when they did a split with Czech grind gods Needful Things back in 2014 and have been a steady fan ever since. Between Compulsion and fellow countrymen Agonized, there seems to be an identifiable Malayasian grindcore sound, heavily influenced by Japanese bands like Force and Damage Digital, but with a bit less focus on experimentation and more concentration on pure brutality. Everything this band has ever done has sounded like it was recorded in a warehouse where people were being murdered in the other practice rooms.

Latest Release?
Exhumed Carcass of Reality, out now on SHITRESIST Records. The phrase that kept popping into my head while listening to this record was “Hazy Bloodshed.” Unsettling reverb coats every instrument, the drums are sloppy-yet-powerful in that Japanese sort of way and the guitar and vocals are just unbelievably brutal. The songwriting (and titles) are basically an afterthought, and that’s perfectly fine. Some grind is meant to expand your mind and some is just meant to eviscerate you completely. This is proudly the latter. MIKE WHITE!