Video Premiere: Gavran – “Pesak”

Gavran band photo

Back in 2020, Dutch doom/sludge trio Gavran released their debut album Still Unavailing. With 4 songs across 40 minutes, their debut demonstrated the band’s compositional strength and talent. Their songs are evocative epics that emit the desperation of a bruised heart. Two years and a pandemic later, the band prepares to release their sophomore LP Indistinct Beacon. We are psyched to share the video for their new song “Pesak” a few weeks before the album’s launch. Indistinct Beacon will release in its entirety on December 2nd from Dunk!records.

The rolling waves in the video’s opening frames lure in the listener as “Pesak” gently commences. But the inevitable crash of distortion hits like a destructive tide. Guitarist Freek van Rooyen crafts riffs that creep with emotion but still hammer down with raw power. The psychedelic leanings of the video highlight the droning croon of drummer/vocalist Jamie Kobić. But as colors and seasons change within the song, Kobić also unleashes a blackened bone-dry rasp. The song’s final crescendo thunders with Ritsaart Vetter’s thick bass tone before dissipating into silent darkness just before the tenth minute

Indistinct Beacon is a record that was born out of feelings of anxiety, doubt, and distress,” the band shares. “But it is also one born into a world where those sensitivities have become far more commonplace. It presents an interesting paradox in that regard, because as the music inhabits a fairly specific niche, its themes are ones that could be seen as widely purifying in 2022. We find these relevant themes to be compelling, but the truth is that we were initially pulled into this album because it hits with purpose on a sonic level. Ideas are always important in the music we seek out, but visceral impact is paramount. The theme we tried to capture with this video is to work towards an(other) illusion.”

Create a new illusion with Gavran by pressing play below.

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Gavran - Indistinct Beacon