Track Premiere: The Howling Void – “Into Darkness Ever More Profound”

The Howling Void album cover

Funeral doom project The Howling Void has explored the abyss for 13 autumns. Mastermind Ryan Wilson has a bevy of releases with other bands, including Crowhurst and Intestinal Disgorge. But it has been four years since Wilson released a new album from The Howling Void.  With assistance from Funere—a label specializing in epic funereal doom from all corners of the world—the void howls once again. On January 6th they will release Into Darkness Ever More Profound, their first LP since 2019’s Bleak and Everlasting. Today you can hear the 10+ minute title track several months early, courtesy of Funere.

When “Into Darkness Ever More Profound” begins it’s a welcome return of The Howling Void’s synth heavy approach to funeral doom. After experimenting with folk-tinged elements and clean singing for several albums, Wilson revisits Bleak and Everlasting‘s harsher soundscapes. While the music is glacially paced, the synths actually lend the song the warmth of a day’s dying light. Inspired by Shape of Despair and the synths of Emperor’s In the Nightside Eclipse, Wilson’s long-form compositions unfold deliberately and evocatively. Although funereal by definition, there’s a genre-defying brightness in the guitar and keyboard melodies. The song fights through the overcast clouds to deliver a memorably forlorn dirge. It’s captivating and as welcoming as grim doom can be, while still achieving a deceptive heaviness.

Enter The Howling Void and press play below.

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