Track Premiere: IMPUGNER – “Morass”


From the depths of the most fowl recesses of the earth comes the latest from ImpugnerAdvent of the Wretched, out November 4 via Sentient Ruin and Caligari. Get pumped about it by listening to the track “Morass.”

Hailing from Norway, the band features members of Diskord, Deathhammer, Brainshock, Desolation Realm, and Lobotomized. This new track gives a taste of the heavy, nuanced blackened death we can expect from the full-length.

According to the band’s press release, when it comes to the cover art for the record, “The choice of using art for the work licensed from the Edvard Munch estate in Norway is just another sign of this band’s insanely tasteful vision and of its deliberate approach in crafting the death metal art in a way which favors a sense of timelessness, unpredictability and a strict adherence to its primordial strengths and vision of it being, and forever remaining, a timeless art of the absurd.”

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